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Management Philosophy

Respect for the morals and ethics Strictly speaking, the company is a huge living organism, a social being just like humans, and a personal being, which is a part of the society.
Therefore, it is necessary to have the virtues and responsibilities, required to involve and participate in social activities.
Once the morals and ethics, needed for the company, are not constructed intimately in the society, the existence of the company may bring in the evil influences. In this respect, proper morals of the company and ethics, required by the society, are the most significant duties, above any other creative spirits.
Coexistence and coprosperity of all staffs and executives The company and each employee of this organization begins the relationship as they sign the contract, but once an employee becomes a member, the company and an employer is considered as an entity. The most fundamental element of the company is of course human beings, or the members, and their social activities occur in this tangible space of the company.
Thus, the shared value under such complementary awareness and the spirit of coexistence and coprosperity ultimately guarantee the growth and development of both the company and the member. This background has been the inherent part of searching for the reason of existence of the company during the process of maximizing the social value among the people.
Community service through the company The relationship between the company and the society has a significant value over that among the people.
Considering the tendency that the social needs and tolerance may influence the existence and growth, the company has duties and responsibilities to strengthen the capabilities of the society through active contribution to the social development.
Such spirit originates from the fact that allocation of social roles and establishment of relationship through corporate activities is available once both internal and external conditions are ideally set, along with the epistemic perspective that the company belongs to the society.

Mission Statement

The Motto of a Company Promote unity and advance by creativity based on the sincerity
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