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Based on the strategic partnership with world prominent forwarders and partner companies, the company provides one-stop service, customized according to the characteristics of each region and cargo. In addition, through efficient logistics network, the company promises to provide the best logistics service, securing competitive freight fare in addition to the safe and secure delivery while considering the cost reduction as a priority.

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The company has established national transportation network by operating bases in 18 cities. Moreover, based on 200 equipments, including various types of cargo truck, trailer, and low bed, the company obtains the most proper transportation in accordance with the volume and characteristic of the cargo. Through the transportation knowhow of the specialists and cutting edge transportation system, the company has developed the transportation route which can minimize the time and cost of the client, and taken charge of the inland transportation nationwide.

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Based on rich technical capabilities and business performance, the company has bee accumulating know-how on integral planning and management regarding civil engineering and construction projects. Consequently, the company has been playing a role as a professional and skillful partner who provides customized solution to our customers.

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Through endless development of loading and unloading techniques with modernized equipments, the company is providing cargo working service on container, bulk cargo, and special cargo at Ulsan Harbor. In addition, the company promises to provide more advanced service with the specialists' know-how and the cutting edge equipments.

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By establishing total logistics system, which enables one-stop service from the warehousing and packaging of the cargo to delivery to the final destination, the company is enhancing efficiency and convenience of the tasks, in addition to reduction of the logistics cost.