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By constructing gas for the entire region of Ulsan and Yangsan, the company has played a leading role in establishing stable gas supply system for all areas within the supply area of Kyungdong City Gas, and been recognized for its technology.

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The company has been working on full scale projects, such as gas pipe, refueling facilities for combined heat and power plant, and all types of machine equipment, by entering into the industrial plant sector, based on the gas pipe technology. With such technical capabilities, the company is expanding the business from planning, designing, construction to operation, in order to improve production efficiency of the industry and energy plant.

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Based on a wide range of technical skills and business performances, the company has been accumulating know-how on establishing and managing integrated plan regarding civil and construction projects. The company is playing a role as a professional and skillful partner who can sufficiently provide customized solution for our customers.

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As an ESCO licensee, the specialized company for energy conservation, the company provides the optimum solution for the efficient energy use, helps in improving global environment issues, resulted from indiscriminate energy consumption, and contributes to enhance the balance of international payments.