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The company has an advanced bonded warehouse facilities, compatible for our client's needs.

In order to satisfy our client's needs, the company has established multi-function warehouse, such as warehouse for hazards, isothermal-isohumidity warehouse, yard strage for hazards, and open-air storage yard, in addition to general warehouse. Furthermore, the company applied WMS (warehouse management system) for the optimum inventory control, and led to smooth logistics management system. Through scientific system, verified by ISO901, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, and AEO certificate, along with facility security, the company is handling our client's cargo safely.


Classification Area (㎡)
General warehouse 20,901
Warehouse for hazards 4,891
Isothermal-isohumidity warehouse 2,980
Open-air storage yard 34,158
Yard strage for hazards 598
Total 63,528

Current Status of Equipments

Equipment Standard Quantity Purpose
Travelling Lift 50 Ton 2 Loading and unloading
Reach Stacker 45 Ton 1 Loading and unloading container
Forklift 18 Ton 1 Warehousing and releasing cargo
7 Ton 1 Warehousing and releasing cargo
5 Ton 1 Warehousing and releasing cargo
3 Ton 5 Warehousing and releasing cargo